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The Real Money Trading (RMT) System consists of exchanging an ingame item called RMT Coin which has value outside the game. It can be used by players to receive money in their Paypal accounts.

This is the only authorized method for exchanging real money within the server, other ways are strictly prohibited.

The System offers the possibility of carrying out transactions in a safe and transparent way. The amount of RMT Coins that currently exists can be consulted from the Control Panel at all times and it is allowed to make publications using this currency in the Server spaces.

It is currently integrated into the eligible currencies in the Merchants’ Autovending Stores but it is usually used through Trade between two Players who previously agreed to carry out exchanges using the System.

Currently, money from RMT Coin(s) can only be withdrawn from Paypal’s balance in a value expressed in US dollars that can be automatically converted depending on the country regulations of the player’s Paypal account.

RMT Coin(s) Acquisition[edit]


Currently there are only three ways to get RMT Coin(s):

  1. Buy the item through donations to the Server.
  2. Trade the item with another player or merchant in autotrade.
  3. Get it as a reward from some special event (this includes some limited Gachapon banners).

Procedure making the purchase through donations:[edit]

  1. Make a transfer to the following Paypal Account: [email protected]
  2. Search the promotional code received via E-Mail in the mailbox you use to log in to Paypal.
  3. Note: If you have not received the E-Mail within a period of more than five minutes, check your Spam box.
  4. Claim the purchased RMT Coins ingame by entering the promotional code received in the Promotional Code NPC or in the Redeem Code option located in the Features Button.

Important: The minimum donation amount is 12 USD to receive an amount of 10 RMT Coins. Purchases can only be made in multiples of this number.

Example: USD 12 to receive 10 Coins, USD 24 to receive 20 Coins, USD 36 to receive 30 Coins, etc. If you have made a donation of a smaller amount in error, please contact the Staff.

In case you need personalized assistance with the purchase, create an Assistance Ticket at the top of the Adventures RO Discord Server Channels.

Additional methods for purchase through donation[edit]

If necessary, for another method (not automatic) of purchasing through donations, you can also use the following options:

  • Crypto (USDT only):
Address: TBTg6dmqyFeV9T6p4XmZBdK8EUkSfL1Nk8
Red: TRC20
  • Wire transfer (Only available for banks in Mexico):
CLABE: 072730004568125967 (Banco BANORTE)
Tarjeta: 4915 6643 4220 4137
Holder: Angel Vea

Note: In all the following cases, the player must open an Assistance Ticket at the top of the Adventures RO Discord Server Channels to proceed with the purchase manually.

RMT Coin(s) Extraction[edit]


With extraction of RMT Coin(s) we mean the conversion of the item into real money. The process is very fast and simple, however the estimated time to see the money reflected in the Paypal balance may vary. It is normally managed in less than twenty-four hours.

Steps to follow:

  1. Talk to the Coins Exchange NPC located in the center of the city of Prontera (prontera,171,155).
  2. Select the option Exchange RMT Coin for USD (Paypal).
  3. Enter the amount of RMT Coin(s) you want to withdraw. Remember to have them in your inventory!
  4. Enter your email address. It will be required twice to avoid typing errors.
  5. Check the email you received in the box you wrote in the previous step and follow the steps detailed in the message.
  6. Note: If you have not received the E-Mail within a period of more than five minutes, check your Spam box.

Other functions[edit]

The Coins Exchange NPC allows for some additional features besides being able to convert your coins into real money:

  • Exchange RMT Coin for Cash Point: Bought RMT Coins but now want Cash Points? You can convert your coin(s) in an amount of 120 Cash Point for each coin you own.