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Adventures Ragnarök Online proposes to combine the nostalgia that we all feel when remembering our past adventures with the adrenaline rush of discovering a new way to play. Although we take the base of official servers we have customized some aspects, adding new features and modifying some others, as well as rebalanced features that we felt were outdated for the current gameplay or that would greatly shorten the life of the average player.

Main Info[edit]

  • Opening date: November 26,2021
  • System: Pre-Renewal
  • Initial Episode: 11.1, Sacred Precinct of Goddess
  • Current Episode: 13.3, El Dicastes
  • Exp Rates:
    • Base/Job: 10x/10x
    • Floating Rates: 12x/12x
    • Quest: 5x
  • Drop Rates:
    • Normal Drops: 10x
    • Cards: 0.10%
    • Mini Boss Drops: 6x
    • MVP Drops: 3x
    • MVP/Mini Boss Card: 0.01%


  • Instant Cast: 150 DEX
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Max Base/Job Level:
    • Second Class: 99/50
    • Rebirth Classes: 99/70
  • Max Stats Points: 99
  • Multi Client: 3 accounts
  • Multi Level: 3 levels
  • Party Cap: 16 players
  • Party Exp Share Limit: 15 levels
  • Guild Cap (GvG/WoE Instances): 12 players for 1.0 / 16 players for 2.0

Technical Specifications[edit]

  • Emulator: rAthena
  • Language: English
  • Host: Located in the US.
  • Proxies: Worldwide autoproxy. Registered in NoPing.
  • Anti-Cheat Protection: Gepard Shield 3.0 + Emulator Hard Delay 300 ms
  • Anti-DDoS Protection: Active

Exclusive Features[edit]

  • Bounty Chests: Located in all towns, fields and dungeons.
  • MVP Competition: FFA (see Regulations)
  • Stylist: All official hairstyles to date + custom colors/styles.
  • Gacha Machine: Roulette/tombola system for random summoning of seasonal items. (More information on your specific Channel)
  • Guild Pack: Available
  • Healer NPC: Integrated into all City Statues
  • Progressive Episodes
  • Renewal to Pre-Renewal adaptations
  • MvP Ranking & Shop
  • Reset Stats/Skills NPC
  • Reset Stats/Skills Potions
  • BattleGrounds System
  • Daily Missions System (Adventurer's Guild)
  • Automatic Events System
  • Achievement System
  • Random Status System: Obtainable by drop
  • Rewards system for hours played
  • Reward system for daily login
  • RMT Transaction System Players will be able to get real money by playing. Trades using USD convertible RMT Coins are permitted. (More information on your specific Channel)
  • War of Emperium: First and Second Edition
  • Warper NPC (Discovery System): Integrated into all City Statues

To see more information please visit the General Features page.