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Statues of the God (Warp/Healer NPC)[edit]


In Adventures RO there are some strange statues in all cities and important points. As you get closer characters will regenerate HP/SP much faster. If you talk to them, several additional options will be displayed to teleport to any City or Dungeon they have previously visited, recover their HP/SP instantly (full heal) or access special areas such as the Dead Branches, Hocus Pocus or Plant Cultivation Zones.

For more information, please visite the Statue of the God page.

Job Master[edit]


Located in the City of Prontera, the Job Master will facilitate your adventure for an additional price of zeny.

Characters who talk to him will be able to:

  • Change job or reborn
  • Reset stats or skills
  • Learn platinum skills
  • Rent cart/falcon (only available for merchant/hunter classes)

Adventurers Guild[edit]


The Adventurers Guild is one of the most important zones for PVE Players. There is an NPC in each of the main cities in the game. Talking to these Representative NPCS, character will be able to join to the Guild and find the exclusive daily quest boards, which will reset at 00:00 each day and the catalog of the exclusive prizes that can be obtained for completing them.

Gachapon Machines[edit]


The Gachapon System or Gacha Machines are raffles/fortune tombolas where you can test your luck and get various special rewards, some even not otherwise obtainable. Its catalogs are usually updated every month to introduce new items and possibilities.

There are currently three different Gachapon systems:

  • Headgears Gachapon: It contains headgears, weapons and equipment in three different banners.
  • Costumes Gachapon: It contains exclusive costume items in three different banners.
  • Siege Gachapon: It contains headgears, weapons and equipment in a single banner. This machine is exclusive for WoE Players.

All the NPCs are found in the city of Prontera, except for the Siege Gachapon Machine which is inside the Guilds Agency. However, these can be accessed using the Features Button from any map.

Special Rewards[edit]


In Adventures RO there are many Special Reward Systems that will reward characters who perform the following activities:

Most of these NPCs are found in the city of Prontera.

Bounty Chest System[edit]


In all cities, fields and dungeons there are hidden chests with great surprises inside. Depending on where Bounty Chests are hidden, rewards will be better but the difficulty of finding it will also be greater.

Theres four different chest categories: Common Chests, Precious Chests, Luxury Chests and the rarest and most difficult to find: Event Chests.

RMT System: Real Money Transactions[edit]


In Adventures RO it is allowed to make real money transactions (RMT) through the RMT Coins system.

Purchasing this currency you can buy or sell any in-game progress (excepting accounts) that another player wishes to, as well as offer yours for the same currency that can be claimed via Paypal for real money.

For more information about it, visite the RMT page.

Guild Package[edit]


Groups for more than 8 players that recently join to the Adventures RO can use the Guild Pack Program to get some goodies that will help to play some mid/end game instances like Battlegrounds, War of Emperium or MVP Competition.

To request, please open a Assistance Ticket on the Adventures RO Discord.

WoE Points Rewards[edit]


For every minute of WoE played, characters will receive WoE points that they can exchange for amazing prizes. For more information visit: War of Emperium First Edition and War of Emperium Second Edition Pages.

Random Options System[edit]


Excepting headgears, every equipment obtainable via drop from mobs, bosses and mvp has a chance to be found with **Random Options** inside. Depending of the player luck, equipments will be obtained with one, two, or even three additional statuses that make character builds more dynamic and customizable. For more information, visite the following page: Random Options.

Balanced Skills[edit]


The skills of the game work under the behavior of the 2021 emulators. However, we have rebalanced some for the comfort of the players or to balance the boost obtained by the Random Options. To see the Balanced Skills please visit this page.