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Wedding Staff (location: prt_church,104,95)

The Marriage System is an official feature of the game that allows players to get married, unlock marriage exclusive skills and/or adopt a Baby Class. In Adventures RO the Quest has been simplified and slightly modified to allow marriage between characters of the same gender.


  • Chars must be over Base Level 45.
  • Chars cannot be married.
  • Chars must not be adopted "Baby" character.
Female Characters 1,300,000 zeny
2338.png Wedding Dress
2613.png Diamond Ring
Male Characters 1,300,000 zeny
7170.png Tuxedo
2613.png Diamond Ring


  • Wedding Dresses, Tuxedos, and Diamond Rings are purchasable from Wedding Shop Dealers at Prontera (prt_in,211,169) or Lighthalzen (lhz_in02,47,148).
  • Wedding Dresses and Tuxedos function as visual effect equipment (skin) in Adventures RO.


  1. With all the items, head towards Prontera Church located in the northeast of Prontera City.
  2. Speak to the Wedding Staff NPC (prt_church,104,95) to initiate the ceremony. Either the groom or bride can do this. The bride/groom who first registered must then have his/her future spouse speak with the same NPC within one minute before the application times out.
  3. Once both characters have spoken with the marriage NPC, they can proceed to the front of the church where the Bishop Vomars (prt_church,100,128) will say a few words. He will ask both one final time if they wish to proceed; should both agree, the ceremony begins and the marriage is complete.
  4. Diamond Rings transform into Wedding Rings that must be identified using a **Magnifier** before wedding skills can be used.
  5. If the **Diamond Rings** used had Random Options it will not be respected. Wedding Rings will get new statuses in all cases.
  6. Once the bride and groom have equipped the rings, then marriage skills become available. The skills can be cast even if only one spouse is wearing a ring, but only the spouse who has the ring equipped can use the skills.


The Same Sex Marriage is enabled and has no additional requirements.


Divorce NPC (Location: nif_in,190,112)

If you need to divorce your characters, follow these steps:

  1. Go to building located in Nifflheim Town (niflheim,167,161).
  2. Talk to Deviruchi NPC on the second floor (nif_in,190,112).
  3. Accept the divorce agreement and pay 2,500,000 zeny as service fee. Both characters will be divorced after one of them completes the dialogue.


  • The character requesting the divorce will be defeated at the end of the pact.
  • This does not reset your adoption status. Therefore, if you have adopted another player: