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Quality Of Life & Balances.

QoL or also known as mechanics, adjustments or improvements that make the game more enjoyable, are usually changes for the benefit of the player to either save them time or remove tedious restrictions of yesteryear.


The most skilled chefs will be able to show off their skills at Adv RO. The cooking mechanic is one that has aged not very well with the passage of the game and the changes to QoL such as access to +9 or +10 meals through Cash shops, Battlegrounds, gacha, etc. So the following changes have been made:

chefhat.png  +7, +8 & +9 Foods created by you and obtained by other means: 
* They are not lost when dying or receiving dispell.
* Their duration has been reduced to 10 minutes.

Npc & Quests Npc

Ore Downgrading Quest

Shaman.pngUtan Shaman: Before it allowed to decompress/compress up to a limit of 10. Now the interface is more user friendly and allows to decompress/compress quickly (higher quantity).

Tripatriate Union's Feud Quest (Foods)

HueRyoHan.pngHue Ryosen & Hansenne: Removed the restriction that limited the amount of simultaneous item creation, improved the interface making it faster.

Candy maker (Guarana Trader)

CandyMaker.pngCandy maker: The tedious mechanism to buy guarana has been eliminated and it is now possible to buy in larger quantities.

Invetor Jaax

InventorJaax.png Inventor Jaax: Its function was greatly expanded, including not only new quivers but also allowing the compression of gems, bullets, etc.

Tool Dealer

ToolDealer.png  Tool Dealer : He has a very complete and useful catalog for your adventures, including yellow and red gems at a price proportional to their difficulty to save time.

Bullet Crafting NPC

File:BulletCrafter.png  Bullet Crafter : [Guide]