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  1. Ignorance of a Rule related to the Discord Server is not a valid excuse to commit an infraction.
  2. Maintain respect towards the other members of the Community, both Staff and Players.
  3. The Staff reserves the right to edit or delete any content found on our channels as well as to silence, expel or ban (as a last resort) a member, without prior notice. These penalties do not necessarily extend to game accounts.
  4. Do not question moderation/administration actions in public channels. Given the feeling that something was unjustified, generate a ticket through 🎫│ support-ticket.
  5. Posting sensitive, adult, NSFW content as well as links/promotion to other Ragnarök Online servers is not allowed.
  6. Sending links to other users without their prior consent is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  7. Harassing other members of the Community is considered a serious offense that can lead to permanent expulsion.
  8. The theme of each Channel/Thread must be maintained. Posts that do not contribute to the discussion will be removed.
  9. Racist, sexist, homophobic language, like any type of hate speech, has zero tolerance and is considered a serious offense.

In the event of any problem, doubt or report, comment or open a ticket on Channel 🎫│support-ticket.


  1. Ignorance of a Rule related to Gameplay is not a valid excuse to commit an infraction.
  2. Real money transactions (RMT) are allowed exclusively through the use of the server’s own RMT Coins system (more information in 💱│ rmt-real-money-trading). Offering RMT deals by any other method, such as private transfers between users, is not permitted.
  3. It is allowed to exchange all kinds of online progress through the RMT Coins system: items, cards, accounts, quests, farming, building, WoE support, etc.
  4. Do not place messages for the sale of non-existent items in the player’s inventory or messages for purchase without a real intention to do so. This behavior is considered attempted fraud.
  5. Do not help in activities that break the rules. Witnessing someone breaking a rule and not reporting it could be considered complicit in the rule.
  6. Account sharing is not recommended and whoever does so is fully responsible for the actions of whoever is using their characters. Lost items due to account sharing are not reimbursed by the Staff.
  7. Loaning items or zeny to other players is at your own risk. The GM team will not refund anything lost in such cases.
  8. Do not abuse Public Chat Channels or Main, Party and Trade. Sending inappropriate messages or abusing them will result in an ingame sanction. Respect the theme of each one.
  9. Maintain respect towards the other members of the Community, both Staff and Players.


  1. Use of appropriate language. Users may not use vulgar or harassing language, be abusive, yell excessively (all caps), send flood/spam or saturate our communication channels (applies to both discord channels and in-game broadcast channels). Corresponding sanction: 1h mute or jail depending on the case or severity.
  2. Using words/pseudonyms that are offensive or refer to another Community member (without their consent) as a character/party/guild/pet/homunculus/guild tag name is prohibited. (+)
  3. It is not allowed to harass, threaten, intimidate, embarrass, send spam, post photos or do any malicious action that may harm another player. Hate speech is not tolerated.
  4. If a user intentionally or unintentionally provides access to their account to another user, the account owner will be held responsible for any damage caused.
  5. Under no criteria will the Staff request the password of their accounts.

(+) June 17: Added a Words filter that prevents the creation of offensive/vulgar names. Attempting to circumvent the protection system by changing or adding letters/numbers is penalized.


  1. It is only allowed to modify the Game Client to use a map without textures (grey world). Modifications such as the size of mobs/mvps, classes or change of sprite of elements that grant advantage will be considered exploits.
  2. The use of bots, macros or external programs that generate advantage with other players is completely prohibited and will be nerfed without prior notice to maintain fairness in the community. If a player persists in abusing them, he may incur a penalty to preserve the balance between users.
  3. It is forbidden to take advantage of bugs. Detecting one implies an obligation to report it. Identifying a user who was aware of these and took advantage of them for their benefit is grounds for sanction.
  4. Using some items and/or functions that override the Anti-AFK system so that an Inactive Character gains experience or presence points (hourly points) in an illegitimate way is considered exploiting a bug and is therefore penalized.


  1. The MvP competition is Free For All, which means that the Staff will not intervene in the strategies that the players/parties adopt to win a competition.
  2. The summoning of Mini Bosses/MVPs/Mobs by hocus pocus or dead branch skill will be limited to closed places such as the Dead Branch Room or Hocus Pocus Rooms in order to avoid reports of their theft.
  3. he Staff will not intervene in the Stealing of common Mobs, each user is responsible for activating the @NOKS command to avoid it (it can be activated every time they log in or through the Account Settings Button). However, using @NOKS protection to touch the most mob in order to annoy the rest is punishable (video demo/replay required).
  4. In WoE/BG/PVP or competition events it is forbidden to send friend requests and/or trades in order to hinder the performance of other players.
  5. It is not allowed to use more than one account per person in instances like BG.
  6. Trying to fix the BG results can be penalized.
  7. It is forbidden to impersonate another user.

In the event of any problem, doubt or report, comment or open a ticket on Channel 🎫│support-ticket.