Champion Monsters

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These monsters are variations of their original versions with a little more difficult to find. Their statistics with respect to the original mob are altered, making them much stronger and more resistant but granting double the rewards. Have the same name as the original monsters that are based on with the addition of a suffix or prefix.

All champion monsters have larger sprites, 25% more attack, x2 item drops, x2 base and job and a probability of drop special items.

There are five types of champion monsters:

  1. Elusive: Light blue aura. These monsters have five times the health.
  2. Furious: Reddish appearance. These monsters have higher ASPD, five times their Max HP and slightly higher Hit.
  3. Ringleader: Blueish appearance. These monsters summon two of the regular versions of themselves. Additionally, they have five times their Max HP.
  4. Solid: Green aura. These monsters have lower Movement Speed, ten times their Max HP.
  5. Swift: Lv150 aura. These monsters have higher Movement Speed, five times their Max HP.

Note: Currently only the Elusive Versions are implemented.


  • Currently only the 1/3 of the Elusive Monsters are implemented. The rest and other types will be implemented in the coming weeks.
  • All variants have 20% a chance to drop Rune Crystals.
  • Some champion monster will have their behavior changed from their original.
  • Ringleader summoned mobs are behaving exactly like their original (except they follow the Ringleader).
  • All variants have a 0.20% a chance to drop a card from their common version

Available Mobs

Champion Monsters respect the original drop item list of the Mob which are based, increasing the rate x2 (including cards). Theres also a high probability of get Rune Crystals from them and a rare chance (0.10%) of get a special costume based on the defeated mob.

Sprite ID Name Type Location Spawn Cooldown Special Drop
2607.png 2607 Zakudam Eluvise Schwartzvald Guild Dungeon (schg_dun01) 2 5 min 15840.png
2612.png 2612 Wood Goblin Eluvise Moscovia Dungeon F1 (mosk_dun01) 2 5 min 31327.png
2617.png 2617 Evil Nymph Eluvise Gonryun Dungeon F3 (gon_dun03) 2 5 min 20121.png
2621.png 2621 Evil Violy Eluvise Geffenia Dungeon F4 (gefenia04) 2 5 min 20492.png
2626.png 2626 Vavayaga Eluvise Moscovia Dungeon F3 (mosk_dun03) 2 5 min 31598.png
2635.png 2635 Thara Frog Eluvise Beach Dungeon F3 (beach_dun3) 2 5 min 19548.png
2640.png 2640 Sting Eluvise Glast Heim Underground B3 (gl_sew03) 2 5 min 31054.png
2645.png 2645 Stainer Eluvise Mt Mjolnir (mjolnir_06) 3 5 min 19569.png
2650.png 2650 Lady Solace Eluvise Room of Agony (tha_t09) 2 5 min 19712.png
2655.png 2655 Sleeper Eluvise El Mes Plateau (yuno_fild06) 1 5 min 20293.png
2660.png 2660 Skeleton Worker Eluvise Dead Pit F3 (mjo_dun03) 2 5 min 19860.png
2665.png 2665 Mistress of Shelter Eluvise Room of Despair (tha_t11) 2 5 min 19752.png
2670.png 2670 Scorpion Eluvise Continental Guard Quarentine (moc_fild20) 3 5 min 18879.png
2675.png 2675 Salamander Eluvise Thor Volcano F3 (thor_v03) 2 5 min 19817.png
2680.png 2680 Rocker Eluvise Prontera Field (prt_fild07) 2 5 min 20487.png
2685.png 2685 Baroness of Retribution Eluvise Room of Angel (tha_t08) 2 5 min 19746.png
2694.png 2694 Raggler Eluvise Veins Field (ve_fild07) 2 5 min 20267.png
2698.png 2698 Poring Eluvise Prontera Field (prt_fild08) 2 5 min 20133.png
2703.png 2703 Poporing Eluvise Sograt Desert (pay_fild04) 2 5 min 31547.png
2708.png 2708 Pitman Eluvise Einbroch Mine F1 (ein_dun01) 2 5 min 410182.png