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This is a list of in-game Commands players available in Adventures RO, can be used for their convenience.

General Information[edit]

Command Variable Description
@commands None Displays a list of server commands
@rates None Display the server's EXP/Job/Drop rates
@time None Displays the current server time

Item/Monster Information Commands[edit]

Command Variable Description



@iteminfo Fabric

@ii Fabric

Displays information about an item (Name, ID and sell price)



@mobinfo Anolian

@mi Anolian

Displays a mob's stats and item drop rates
@whereis <Name/ID>

@whereis Anolian

Displays where a mob spawns (regular spawn only)
@whobuy <Name/ID>

@whobuy Yggdrasil Seed

@whobuy 608 (Yggdrasil Seed ID)

Displays players Buying Stores containing that item
@whosell <Name/ID>

@whosell Emperium

@whosell 714 (Emperium ID)

Displays players Vending stores containing that item

General Commands[edit]

Command Variable Description
@autoloot @al <Drop rate>

@autoloot 50

Automatically loots drop rate below the rate selected
@alootid +/-<Name/ID>

@alootid + 985 (Elunium ID)

@alootid - 985 you always drop the elunium

+ Specifies an item to always autoloot. - Blacklists an item from autolooting
@aloottype +/-<Type> + Specifies an item type to always autoloot. - Blacklists an item type from autolooting. Types: 0 = Healing, 2 = Usable, 3 = Etc, 4 = Armor, 5 = Weapon, 6 = Card, 7 = Pet Eggs, 8 = Pet Accessories, 10 = Ammo
@autotrade, @at None Allows to leave a merchant's store active and log out
@exp None Displays the character base/job experience
@hominfo None Displays the homunculus information

(only available on Creators with Homunculus)

@homstats None Displays the homunculus status

(only available on Creators with Homunculus)

@lgp None Display Area and Skill Effects
@noks None Prevents players from damaging mobs who hit you or were hit by you
@refresh None Reloads displayed positions (Removes Position Lag errors)
@request <petition/message> Send a message to current online GMs or Mentors
@showexp None Displays gained EXP per kill
@showzeny None Displays gained Zeny per kill
Hides headgears/costume sprites. Types: 1 = Top, 2 = Mid, 4 = Low, 8 = Robe, 15 = All.

Party Commands[edit]

Command Variable Description
Invites a character to your party (Party Leader Only)

Guild Commands[edit]

Command Variable Description
Creates a guild (Requires 1 Emperium)
@breakguild None Disbands a guild (Guild leader only, all members must be expelled beforehand)
Transfers guild ownership
Invites a character to a guild

Battlegrounds Commands[edit]

Command Variable Description
@listenbg None Displays BG status messages
@joinbg None Joins the Battlegrounds queue
@leavebg None Leaves the Battlegrounds queue
Transfer BG leadership
<char name/ID>
Reports an inactive BG Player to kick it
@bgstats None Displays the character BG Stats

PvP and Siege Commands[edit]

Command Variable Description
@accept None Accepts a duel invitation
@reject None Rejects a duel invitation
@leave None Leaves duel status
@guildskill <EC/BO/RG/RS> Activates a guild skill (Emergency Call, Battle Orders, Regeneration, Restore)
@order <Text> Displays a priority message for the guild (Guild Leader Only)
@woestats None Displays the character WoE Stats

VIP Members Exclusive Commands[edit]

These commands apply to the VIP Account feature. To enable them, you must open a VIP Ticket in any char of the account.

Command Variable Description
@autovend None Allows you to leave a merchant's shop active and play with another character on the same account