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Our program includes ingame rewards for achieving streaming/content goals within the Server. If you are a Twitch or Youtube streamer or content creator take advantage of your content with Adventures RO!

Conditions and application requirements[edit]

To receive your rewards for each hour of transmission you must comply/perform the following actions:

  1. Use one of our overlays and server name in the stream/video title. If none of the current overlays fit your format, please request a custom one.
  2. Take care of the comments referring to the server in your live shows/videos because we are interested in promoting the server and it is important that any situation that could generate rejection to the viewers be avoided.
  3. Keep the videos in the feed/timeline of your Channel, publicly and visible to all.
  4. Send a weekly report of your streams through the ⁠🔐│streamers-reports Discord Channel between Sunday and Monday of each week. Rewards for reports received outside of these days will be delivered one week late.
  5. Remember that raids on other server creators and WoE broadcasts generate additional rewards.

Starting Rewards[edit]

  • x1 White Potion Box (x50 Light White Potion)
  • x1 Blue Potion Box (x25 Light Blue Potion)
  • x5 Megaphone
  • x5 Life Insurance
  • x5 Kafra Card (open storage everywhere)
  • x1 7-Days Rental Costume (Streamers Exclusive)

Reclaimable only once after having made the first FIVE (5) hours of transmission of the Server.

Hourly Rewards[edit]

For every hour of streaming or Twitch raid made to another content creator who is streaming Adventures RO, the following rewards will be given:

  • x50 Event Point for each hour/raid
  • x50 Rune Crystal for each hour/raid
  • x50,000 Zeny for each hour/raid
  • x1 7-Days Rental Costume (Streamers Exclusive)

Claimable every Monday. The link to the videos and a summary of the number of hours broadcast each week must be provided using the form of the Streamer's Report Discord Channel.

Guide Rewards[edit]

Video guides that are made outside of a stream, that is, that are created exclusively in video format and have not been a casual gameplay, can be claimed as stream time. The amount will depend on the length of the video.

Referrals Rewards[edit]

  • x30 Event Point for each referred player
  • x30 Rune Crystal for earch referred player

Claimable every time a referred user shows up on the 🤝│'presentations Channel' and mentions that came from the Stream. Every referral user will receive a box with x50 Rune Crystal, x50 Event Coin, x5 Zeny Bag, x1 3-Day Rental Infinity Fly Wing and x1 Costume Box. Don't miss the chance to give these rewards to your viewers!

War of Emperium Content Rewards[edit]

WoE Streams Program.png

In addition to the Streamers Rewards Program, for each full stream of the WoE and/or edited video of it, content creators will be able to claim the following rewards:

Conditions and application requirements[edit]

  1. The stream and/or video must be broadcast/published with the name of the server (Adventures RO) in the title, referring to the WoE. Ex: First date of WoE 2.0 in Adventures RO.
  2. The server overlay must be placed in the case of streams. They are below this message.
  3. Content must be broadcast/published within a period of less than FORTY-EIGHT (48) hours from the time the WoE took place.
  4. In the case of Streams, they must remain visible on the profile until the Staff can verify that they were actually announced.
  5. Announce in any of the cases on the channels available on Discord (🎤│stream-announces / 📼│woe-videos) when the stream/video has been released.
  6. With the transmissions/videos we seek to promote the activity of the server, so if we have narration, it must be kind and respectful with respect to the characteristics and experience on our server. Also, it is suggested not to mention any other private servers.

Streamers Partnership Program[edit]

Streamers Partnership.png

Every fortnight we will choose our best streamers/content creators and reward them with these benefits that will help their development in-game and as a content creator:

  • x1 7-Days Rental 4th Class Skin
  • x1 7-Days Rental Boarding Halter
  • x1 7-Days Rental Infinite Butterfly Wing
  • x1 7-Days Rental Infinite Fly Wing
  • x1 7-Days Rental Infinite Megaphoneç
  • x1 7-Days VIP Ticket
  • x6 7-Days Rental Costume (Streamers Exclusive)
  • x10 Rune Stone
  • x200 Event Coin
  • x200 Battlegrounds Badge
  • x500 Cash Point
  • x5,000,000 Zeny
  • Broadcast through the list of Recommended Channels on our official Twitch/Youtube profiles.
  • Raid of a mini-live of 10 minutes of our Twitch Profile for scheduled transmissions of the Server.
  • Broadcast of scheduled transmissions from the Server through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profiles of A-RO.
  • Special access to announce broadcasts on Discord.
  • Costume Boxes & Season Rewards for the use of the Stramer and/or raffle among its viewers. All profiles that have regularly broadcasted the Server on Twitch and/or Youtube participate.

These rewards will be awarded every week to the chosen streamers.

Conditions and application requirements[edit]

The program for outstanding streamers is available to everyone and the Staff will evaluate the following conditions for their inclusion in the team, which is temporary and will be renewed every week:

  1. Loyalty: The content creator must have generated content related to Ragnarök exclusively for Adventures RO in the last month.
  2. Commitment: The content creator must have transmitted/created content for 5 consecutive weeks to be taken into account, with a minimum amount of 10 hours and three days of transmission per week.
  3. Behavior: The content creator must express himself well on the server and stay out of any type of conflict and/or negative comments that could make viewers receive a bad impression.
  4. Decision: The Staff has the last word on which streamers to promote and for how long, being able to eliminate from the program anyone who no longer meets the requirements that led them to apply and/or making exceptions instead of being necessary to contemplate some additional plus of the content creator in question, such as the number of viewers, loyalty, among other characteristics that Adventures RO can benefit from.


These overlays are authorized to accumulate streaming points. Choose the one you like the most/fits your channel!