Return Program

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Have you stopped playing for a month or more? Get the “BLESSING OF VALKYRIE” to have a STELLAR RETURN!


  • x1 [7 Days] Infinite Flywing
  • x1 [7 Days] Reins Of Mount
  • x1 [7 Days] VIP Ticket
  • x1 [7 Days] Black Feather Beret
  • x5 Rune Stones
  • x100 Battlegrounds Badges

All content of the Valkyrie’s Blessing: Stellar Return Package is claimable through 🎫│support-ticket. Promotion valid a total of ONE (1) time per IP/MAC. The period of inactivity must have been prior to the closing date of this message and must have a total of THIRTY (30) days of total disconnection in all your accounts.