Discovery System

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"Discovery System" is part of the QoL implemented in ARO, with this system it is not necessary to finish multiple times each quest (with some exceptions) to be able to access dungeons that require a quest.

For example if you played as an Assassin and completed Rachel Sanctuary Quest and you want to play with another character of your same account, you can access the dungeon with this 2nd character without the need of the quest.

How it Works

To unlock a dungeon or city, a few small mandatory steps must be fulfilled.

  • You must be able to access the place at least once with a character from your account.
If you want for example to payon dungeon and you never entered the dungeon, you will not be able to enter.
  • Use the Statue of the God to transport you, thanks to it you can travel from place to place, if you try to enter by the traditional route this will not be possible, unless you have completed the quest previously with the current character.
  • Reach the first level of the dungeon, if for example you enter Biolab, to unlock it you must go through the first level, otherwise it will remain blocked.


Unlocking a dungeon does not bypass the limitation of requiring a quest, for example in Robot Factory (unless you save the Luxurious Key) you will not be able to enter the second level, it also applies to instances that require one or many quests as a prerequisite.