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Welcome to AdventuresRO!

Adventures Ragnarok Online is a Renewal private server with a myriad of official features and exclusive customization. Here you will be introduced to some of them.

Basic information and details about the server such as rates, max stats, and max level can be found in the Server Information page.

If this is your first time playing Ragnarok Online, we recommend you take a look at Introduction to Ragnarok Online or if you are a pre-renewal warrior, the Introduction to Renewal page will help you get more up-to-date.

AdventuresRO Community[edit]


The AdventuresRO wiki is a community-maintained wiki, and the main source for any information about the server, be it guides, information about in-game content, systems and more.

Most important pages can be found in the Main Page. If you were not able to find what you were looking for, use the search bar at the top right of the wiki


The AdventuresRO Discord Server is the main hub outside the game for interacting with other players through general discussion, game advice and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)[edit]

With so many new things to learn, it is common to feel lost and confused at the start. Fear not, as the FAQ page will most definitely clear at least some questions you may have when starting.

If your queries are still unanswered by the FAQ page, asking around in-game or in Discord is always a valid alternative.

Player Commands[edit]

Player Commands

Like most private servers, AdventuresRO players have a plethora of commands at their disposal, from database search for items and monsters, market search and general convenience.

Players can also make use of Adventures to have access to even more features, such as LGP, Square, Circle, Hold.


The following table lists currencies used in AdventuresRO, how they are obtained, and what can be purchased with them.

Currency Obtainable from Usage
Cash Points Donate Purchase items and equipment from the AdventuresRO Shop.
RMT Coins
Rune Crystals Events, Achievements & Open World Chests. You can convert 160 of them into Rune Stone.
Event Coins Events, Achievements & Open World Chests. Can be exchanged into Event Boxes.

Can be exchanged into Event Coins. Can be traded with other players

Gold Points Passively while connected Account bound (Cannot be traded with other players)
MvP Coins Hunting MvP Costumes & Consumables
BG Badges Battlegrounds The only currency earned from and accepted in Battlegrounds (BG). Purchase BG-exclusive equipment and supplies from BG shops.

Account bound (Cannot be traded with other players)

WoE Points WoE participation Purchasing equipment and costumes from the Woe Merchant.
Seasonal Event Currency Participating and redeeming rewards from various Seasonal Events.

Official and Custom Content[edit]

Our developers work hard every day to bring the latest official content from the kRO server and fine-tune them to ensure that they are balanced, free of bugs and fit well with the server.

Most official content gets ported to the server, including mechanics and systems, Instances, classes and class balancing, general patches and more.

From quality of life features to new maps and bosses with or even new methods of PVP, custom content also plays a big role in making AdventuresRO what it is.