Slotted Sunglasses Quest Event

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This is a limited-duration special event that allows the creation of Slotted Sunglasess in exchange for an item collecting quest.

The NPC will be available from June 10 to June 30, 2024.



Sunglasses Trader NPC

1. Talk to Sunglasses Trader NPC in the Main Office (main_office,92,28) or Prontera's Event Plaza (prontera,242,73).

2. Accepting the deal, the NPC will resquest the following list of items/zeny:

- x25 Ancient Rough Runestone
- x25 Gold
- x25 Four Leaf Clover
- x50 2carat Diamond
- x50 Izidor
- x100 Amethyst
- x100 Aquamarine
- x200 Event Coin
- x200 Rune Crystal
- x300 Soft Feather
- x10,000,000 Zeny

3. After bringing to him the requested items/zeny, the NPC will give you a Slotted Sunglasses.

Caution: The sunglasses obtained by this NPC cannot be traded with other characters. It is also not possible to create more than one item per account.